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Favorite Openings: 
| Persona 3 | FES Version |

The eye close-ups from casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4 universe. Includes Adachi, Strega members, Metis and Labrys.
But.. oh wait. I saw Ryoji.
*enough facepalming*

This is the final post to conclude my personal addiction posts to Persona eye close-ups. :>


"I thought it was a fairy tale."


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So anyway, this is a picture of Aigis as a human, rather than a robot. Human Aigis was my first real attempt at lineart, so I draw a picture of her like every six months as a kind of gauge to see how far I’ve come.
Anyway, hope you like it.

"Don’t worry I will always be by your side . protecting you …"

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"Brand New Days -The Beginning-"

Persona 3: FES Original Soundtrack

Had a good birthday so far

Watched TV and now I’m eating pineapple lumps.


Oh yeah.

That’s a reblog right there.

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Cashier: *dies at register*
Customer: are you open

with my dying will.

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I’d be such a good girlfriend you’re all missing out

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Anonymous asked: The end of the novels? yes!! :)


Thanks for clearing it up. ^^

So, by the end of the novels, we learn that Hope is the only one who hasn’t seen Lightning yet for some reason. He seems to be looking for her, and he believes he will see her again, but the reunion hasn’t happened yet.
Lightning, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying a long journey by herself. And she has already met all of her friends except Hope. Aoede stumbles across Lightning during a train-ride. When Lightning gets off at the next station and smiles brightly, Aoede gets the feeling that Lightning is on her way to meet someone. The ending of the novel connects directly to the epilogue of LR, where Lightning says, “Soon, we’ll be together. (ENG) / I’m coming to see you. (JP)”
There is a high possibility that Lightning was going to reunite with Hope. Watanabe-san, the main screenwriter for LR and the author of these novels, also hints at this. However, the readers are free to imagine who she is going to meet.


I know all of you want Haru’s laugh on your blogs so

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